In 1938, the Constitution for the Caddo Indians of Oklahoma became an established government. The Tribal Council is composed of eight members: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Oklahoma City Representative, Binger Representative, Anadarko Representative, and Fort Cobb Representative. The Representatives come from four areas (districts) with high populations of Caddo people. Though these Representatives are elected to represent their individual constituencies, they play an important part in making decisions for the entire tribe. With the exception of the Tribal Chairman, the Tribal Council members are not paid a salary. Council terms are staggered with each position seated four years.

Caddo Nation - 1929

“Caddo Indian Tribe Business Committee and Friends on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol Building, January 25th, 1929.” Archives and Manuscripts Division, Oklahoma Historical Society.

The current Tribal Council consists of the following individuals:

Tamara Francis-Fourkiller
Carol Ross
Jennifer Reeder
Marilyn McDonald
Anadarko Representative
Phillip Martin
Binger Representative
Travis Threlkeld
Ft. Cobb Representative
Maureen “Mo” Owings
OKC Representative
Tracy Newkumet Burrows

A list of adopted Resolutions can be found here. You may request official copies of Tribal Council meeting minutes from the Department of Tribal Government at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Anadarko Agency), in person or from the Caddo Nation by submitting the following FOIA form. 

Other officials of the Caddo Nation include members of the Hearing Board and the Election Board.


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