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Tag Office Hours Are:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Regular Vehicle Renewals:

  •  May be done by mail or in person at anytime after the first day of the month of expiration.
  • Valid Oklahoma driver’s license is necessary to renew vehicle.
  • Current Oklahoma insurance verification is required.
  • Caddo Nation Enrollment Card

NOTE: Above Items are needed each time you renew.

Registering New Vehicles:

MSO or Title:
MSO (Manufactures Statement of Origin) must be signed by the dealership. Must be notarized unless the vehicle was purchased from a non-notary state

Bill of Sale is required with a new vehicle; that has an MSO (Manufactures Statement of Origin)

TITLE must be signed by seller and notarized, unless purchased from a non-notary state.

  • May be done by mail or in person
  • Valid Oklahoma driver’s license is necessary to register a vehicle
  • Current Oklahoma insurance verification is required
  • Caddo Nation Enrollment Card

*Please note the change of Fees.
All fees are Payable by:
Cashier’s Check or Money Order ONLY

The current Caddo Nation motor vehicle registration renewal fee schedule is as follows:

Year of Vehicle Fee
2018-2015 $120.00
2014-2010 $81.00
2009-2006 $70.00
2005-2002 $52.00
2001-1998 $34.00

Additional Fees:

  • Farm Tags – $32.40: Please bring farm card
  • Active Duty Military/Veterans – $20.00: Allows use of insurance from service members current duty station
  • Motorcycle Tags: Title – $10.00 | Tag – $10.00
  • Lien Recording: $10.00
  • Duplicate/New Title: $10.00
  • Personalized Tags: $21.00 each
  • Renewal of Personalized Tags: $10.00
  • Mail Fees: $6.56 for Certified mail renewals, and $6.65 for Priority or new tags.

During this period, the Tribal Council amended Chapter Three, Taxation and Registration of Motor Vehicles as follows (tribal resolution #02-2006-10):

Section 303 Passenger autos set @ 10% less than state
Section 304 Farm trucks set @ 10% less than state
Section 305 Commercial vehicles set @ 1/2 of normal vehicle fee
Section 307 RV’s and Mobile homes set @ 10% less than state

Added Section 359 Active Duty Military Personnel. This section entitles active duty military personnel to a (10% less than state) fee of $20.70 and allows the use of insurance purchased in the state in which they are stationed.

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