Motor Fuel Tax Education Assistance Program

Point of Contact:

Carolyne Botone, Education Coordinator


Tribal funds allotted to the Caddo Nation Education Department from the Motor Fuel Tax shall be used to encourage students to finish school, and to financially assist tribal members attending public schools, home-schooled students, as well as those attending post-secondary institutions, such as colleges, universities and vocational-technology centers, with school-related expenses and fees not covered by existing services.


Elementary, Middle-school, Secondary Students – special services such as tutoring and other academic activities (i.e. FFA projects-purchase of show animals/related supplies, etc.), special books or supplies, graduation announcements, cap & gown, senior pictures, school or sports jackets, fees for school-related functions, assist with class trips, award trips, etc., ACT/SAT Testing fee and one retake. Not to exceed $250.00 per academic year (Aug. 1st through July 31st).

Post Secondary Students/Adults – academic courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops pertaining to the course of study; vocation or special school-related supplies or special clothing (i.e. medical scrubs, safety goggles, etc.). (Provided the student is not eligible for assistance through the Caddo Nation Higher Education, Adult Education, or JP&T Programs.) Not to exceed $500.00 per academic year (Aug. through July).


Applicants should note that if financial assistance has already been provided by any of the existing tribal assistance programs, scholarships, or other sources, the Motor Fuel application will not be considered for funding.

Elementary, Middle-school, Secondary Students – Reimbursement requests for payments already made by the applicant or a responsible party, services duplicated by Johnson O’Malley or Indian Education Programs, any types of camps (i.e. cheer camp, band camp, sports camp, etc.), purchase of school pride clothing items (i.e. hats, shirts, coats, etc.).

Post Secondary Students/Adults – Reimbursement requests for payments already made by the applicant, any activity or supplies that can be purchased with other Federal Financial Aid (i.e. Pell Grant, etc.).

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