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Tejas: Life and Times of the Caddo
The University of Texas, the Texas Council for the Humanities and the Houston Endowment have constructed this web site devoted to the culture and traditions of the Caddo people. It features some familiar faces and some fabulous information on the Caddo Nation. It is part of the Texas Beyond History project.

This is another component of the Texas Beyond History project. This exhibit describes the Hatchel-Mitchell archeological site, believed to the remains of Upper Nasoni village visited and drawn by Terán de Ríos in 1691-1692.

Another exhibit from Texas Beyond History, this component focuses on the Timber Hill archeological site, believed to be the remains of the last Caddo Indian village in the original Caddo Homeland, occupied from 1800 to 1840.

Searchable Caddo Language Dictionary
This web-based database allows viewers the opportunity to search both English and Caddo (Hasinai) words by using a database created by Michael Sheyahshe. Words can either be searched by typing them in the text field or users can search by the first letter of that word. In addition, this site allows the audience to hear the actual Caddo word by playing an .mp3 file. This database replaces the Caddo WebLEX.

Kiwat Hasinay Foundation
The Kiwat Hasinay Foundation aids in the preservation and perpetuation of the Caddo language and oral traditions.

A History of the Caddo Indians
This is an old article published in the Louisiana Historical Quarterly in 1935 and was originally William Glover’s Master’s thesis at the University of Texas (1932).

Notes on the Caddo
This was originally a memoir of the American Anthropological Association written by Elsie Clews Parsons. Parsons interviewed several tribal members extensively, including Michael Martin, an artist also known as Silver Moon. The text of this is provided by AccessGenealogy.

Traditions of the Caddo
This was compiled by George Dorsey and lists many old Caddo stories. The text of this is provided by AccessGenealogy.

News you can use:
For the latest on what’s happening in other tribes   around the country, check out Indian Country Today and Native American Times.

American Indian Cultural Center & Museum
Follow the development of Oklahoma’s American Indian Cultural Center & Museum.

Dolores Purdy Corcoran
A Caddo artist living in Topeka, Kansas, Dolores specializes in watercolors and gourd masks.

Fedral Websites for Tribal Libraries and Tribal Colleges

alterNative Media
alterNative Media (“aNm”) is an all-inclusive traditional / digital art & media studio, specialising in illustration, 3D modeling, and graphic design. aNm is the vision of Caddo artist, Michael Sheyahshe.

New Plains Review
 A journal of social commentary by Michael Sheyahshe.

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