Heritage Resources Technician (HRT) Program

Caddo Nation HRT

Overview of Program

Caddo Nation Heritage Resources Technician (HRT) Program trains tribal members in a variety of resource management work, such as wildfire suppression, prescribed burning, trail construction and maintenance, heritage surveys, and timber stand improvement.   This includes specialized training to assist in conducting archeological surveys under the direct supervision of an Archeologist.


Heritage Resources Technicians (HRTs) have taken 40 hours of classroom training related to Section 106, ARPA, and NAGPRA guidelines.  This training includes surveying techniques, general artifact typing and cataloging, mapping, and general archeological concepts and principles.   After completing 40 hours of classroom training, each HRT is required to complete 40 hours of field training directed by an archeologist to survey a selected area and to map, document, and officially record any sites. HRTs can recertify with 40 hours of experience throughout the year. 

Current & Past Clients:

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, US Forestry Service, Tulsa Corp of Engineers, Ecological Communications Corporation (Ecomm) 

Administrative Set-up

Organizations may contract with the Caddo Nation to provide these services through a Professional Services Agreement or a Cooperative/Participating Agreement depending on what services are being requested. 

Rates: Vary depending on services being requested and include daily travel and per diem for each monitor. 

For more information on:

Becoming a HRT Team Member: Christine Noah, Business Manager, (405) 656-2344


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