Finance Department

Finance Officer
Barbara Colbert
(405) 656-2344

Accounts Payable Clerk
Shelby Howery
(405) 656-2344


For auditing purposes, the Caddo Nation abides by the Procurement Policy set forth in its Financial Policies and Procedures Manual. All purchases must be approved by the Finance Officer and all paperwork must be submitted to the Procurement Officer. They handle the procurement and purchase of supplies, equipment, and services for all tribal programs. They ensure that the acquisition process is adhered to following the Purchase Order methodology:

  1. Requisition
  2. Purchase order
  3. Invoice/Statement of billing, and
  4. Check/Payment voucher.

The Procurement Office also maintains safe record/financial management keeping on the whole procurement process.

Accounts payable clerk, takes care of all the accounts payable and vendor payments for all programs. She also maintains files for all transactions involving vendor payments for all programs.

The Contract Compliance Officer/MISM in finance is responsible for bank statements and their reconciliations and maintaining the files for the programs’ statements.

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