A Message From the Chairman

Brenda Shemayme Edwards
March 6, 2014

Chairman EdwardsDue to the continual misrepresentation by a small faction of Caddo and non-Caddo members, it is once again necessary to reiterate that I am the Chairman of the Caddo Nation.  Regardless of how often they attempt to mislead others, the facts and truth prevail.

Although our complex is currently occupied by this faction, they have neither official recognition nor authority to represent the Caddo Nation.  The Caddo Nation’s day-to-day business has been halted, and law enforcement’s investigation into the shooting that occurred in December of 2013 is still ongoing.

There are no legal/official services being provided by this faction, and to insure that any correspondence to or on behalf of the Caddo Nation is official, please refer to the following contact information:

Official mailing address:

Caddo Nation of Oklahoma
PO Box 487
Binger, OK 73009

Official E-mail Addresses:

If you send/receive e-mail to or from any address other than a caddonation.org account, you are NOT corresponding with an official representative of the Caddo Nation.

The Caddo Nation is thankful for all the support we’ve been given throughout these past few months, and we apologize for the constant problems this faction creates for the general public.

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